Out of an Ancient World – Album

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OUT OF AN ANCIENT WORLD is the debut album from Riversea, the band is the nucleus of Marc Atkinson (vocals/acoustic guitar) and Brendan Eyre (piano/synths), however Marc & Brendan are joined on the album by Alex Cromarty (The Heather Findlay Band) on drums,with guitar duties spread between Bryan Josh, Liam Davison (Mostly Autumn), Paul Cusick, Adrian Jones (Nine Stones Close), Mark Rowen (ex Breathing Space), Adam Dawson (Stolen Earth), and Ashley Mulford (Sad Cafe,Mandalaband). Bass duties are performed by Dave Clements, and backing vocals provided by Olivia Sparnenn (Mostly Autumn), Janine Atkinson Benn and Louise Dawson, last but not least,Tony Patterson (Regenesis/So Gabriel) adds flute. Cover art and artworks by Ed Unitsky



  • Mike Barton on said:

    Congratulations on what is certain to be Album of the Year! It’s gonna ROCK

    • Marc Atkinson on said:

      Cheers, Mike :o ) Let’s hope everyone else likes it as much as you :o )

  • Eric Walker on said:

    After months and months of seeing snippits on Facebook, so glad to see this disc see the light of day! From what I’ve heard, it sounds amazing.


    • Marc Atkinson on said:

      Thank you, Eric :o ) I hope you think it’s worth the wait… :o )

  • Eric Fried on said:

    Wow!!! Has a real classic Marillion sounds, but still maintains originality. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

  • Jose Manuel Medina on said:

    It seems to be a great album. Congratulations Marc and company. Greetings from Spain.

  • Terry McCoy on said:

    The much anticipated debut album from Riversea…an incredible line-up of exceptional talent from many versatile and unique backgrounds.. Highly recommended to any music enthusiast !!

    Terry McCoy

  • PIERRE KACARY on said:

    looking forward to listening to this album

  • Leo Trimming on said:

    Looking forward to the new album.

  • Iain Curtis on said:

    Hi Marc…After getting the EP I was always looking forward to hearing more….amd from the sample it sounds great…big pat on the back to all… your storey sounds like mine…so many ideas so little time to get them recorded…maybe looking for a vocal or two at sometime in the future if I ever get the ideas onto Sonar!!

    Hope it sells well….


  • David Wilson on said:

    Excellent, really excellent!!

  • video game blog on said:

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