About Us

The idea for Riversea was first formed as a song writing collaboration between Brendan Eyre and Marc Atkinson that started around the summer of 2006. Brendan, a keyboard orientated song writer, gave Marc a CD copy of his 2005 solo album and the vocalist really liked what he heard. The duo both decided it would be interesting to see what would come out of a fusion of both their individual styles. As they both lived over an hours drive from each other houses, Brendan sent over his first instrumental idea on a CD to Marc during that time. At his studio in York Marc, an acoustic singer/songwriter, added his melodies and lyrics to the composition. The resulting song, ‘Out of an Ancient World’, would eventually turn out to be the title track of the band’s debut album and also the album’s closer. With their first collaboration deemed a success by both of them, the duo set about exchanging CDs and ideas… All the songs on the album were written this way over a period of almost 5 years (along with quite a few more that didn’t quite ‘make the grade’). True to form, the last song the pair wrote together towards the end of 2010 became the album opener ‘In The Beginning…’

When it came to recording these songs with a full ‘band’ sound, the pair realised there were in a position to ask for help from some friends who also happened to be wonderful musicians. So, one by one and over the space of what turned out to be years, Bryan Josh (Mostly Autumn), Paul Cusick, Adrian Jones (Nine Stones Close), Ashley Mulford (Mandalaband), Mark Rowen (Breathing Space), Adam Dawson (Stolen Earth), Liam Davison (Mostly Autumn), Dave Clements (Kings of Queen), Janine Atkinson Benn (The Dark Flowers), Olivia Sparnenn (Mostly Autumn), Louise Dawson (The Wigglers) and Alex Cromarty (Heather Findlay Band) all recorded their parts and added their talents to the RIVERSEA sound. The album slowly but surely is coming to life…

The resulting debut album ‘Out of an Ancient World’ was released on the band’s own label in the Spring of 2012.