The Tide is turning!

Hi Everyone, It has been a long long time, too long im sure you`ll agree, but the new Riversea album is nearly ready to be unleashed to the world!. So much has happened since Ancient World, and its been a hard and at times, painful process following up what was a very well received album,…

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The Birth of Riversea

Hello, I haven’t written a new blog in well over a year now. It’s not like nothing’s been happening in ‘my’ world, it’s just that I’ve been waiting on having something ‘new’ and ‘concrete’ to say about the creative side of my ‘musical’ life rather than just add another ‘RIVERSEA is coming soon…’ type blog…

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The Riversea Timeline

Late 2006: Brendan and Marc decide to write some songs together. The first song written is ‘Out of an Ancient World’… 2007: ‘Eden’, ‘The Song’ and ‘All around the World’ are written and demoed… Along with more songs that didn’t quite ‘make the cut’… By the end of the year Paul ‘Q’ Cusick is helping…

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